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We offer 24/7 covid-19 disinfectant cleaning for commercial and industrial facilities. We go above and beyond

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About Chia Cleaning Services

Chia Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated business for over 15 years with high-quality cleaning service, high reputation and positive customer satisfaction.
We provide safety and quality work. We offer office and church cleaning and beyond that.
We do carpet cleaning, window cleaning and etc. We make sure all the routine areas and requested areas are cleaned proficiently. We also focus on areas most cleaning services overlook, were bacteria tends to accumulate such as phones, doors, door handles, light switches and anything else which may come in contact with personnel.

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We keep buildings clean and well maintained.
Working knowledge of Health Department and Federal Safety Standards.
Contain cost on purchase and assure that chemical is strong enough to be effective, safe enough to use around young children and environmentally sound.
Ability to balance time constrains with multiple responsibility.
Ability to develop and maintain reliable community contacts.
Good oral communication and human relation skills.
Experience in institutional plants and ground maintenance.

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